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Optimising production incentive benefits while providing policy insights.

BMA Intelligent Systems developed and now manages the Automotive Administration System (AAS) on behalf of the Automotive Industry in South Africa. The AAS is a simple but smart solution that enables the automotive industry to optimise production incentive benefit under the APDP. It supports C1, SMD, and EUR.1 requirements

How it Works

The AAS System captures value addition within the Automotive supply chains by linking supplier invoices with customer purchases so that local value addition can be automatically calculated. The system then produces auditable documents in a format that allows companies within the value chain to claim their APDP incentives from the relevant tax and trade authorities.

The intuitive management dashboard provided enables companies to track the progression of benefit calculations and so ensure that these are captured timeously according to the submission cycle requirements of the policy. The system architecture simultaneously provides a full digital trail to ensure the effective monitoring, accuracy and veracity of all values entered the system


Core services include:

  • Highly secure and confidential system and data hosting with optimal uptime and functionality
  • Seamless system updates to align with any policy adjustments that affect the declarations required
  • Free annual user support training
  • Call centre support
  • Aggregated quarterly reporting and industry insights

Value-Added Services Include:

  • Management of EPC & PRCC applications
  • Implementation of systems to automate the extraction of APDP information requirements and compilation of SMD and Form C1 returns
  • Data analysis to identify localisation opportunities


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